General Container Planting Instructions

Step 1

Dig the hole the same depth as the rootball. The harder the ground the wider a  hole should be. (2 to 3 times wider)

Step 2

Check the drainage of your hole by filling it with water. It should drain out completely within a few hours. If Drainage is poor consult a nursery person.

Step 3

Set the plant into the hole with the top of the rootball at ground level (If you are going to mulch or put bark around the plant we highly recommend you raise the rootball 1-2 inches above the ground to avoid burying the stem.) Refill hole with the same soil you dug out of the hole to adapt the plant to the soul it will grow in. Amend the soil with no more than 20% planter mix. (Especially with trees) Refill the hole and build a water basin wider that the plant width.



We use heat activated – time release fertilizer on all of our plants. Do Not feed the plant for 1 year. Slow release fertilizers are best. Either organic or dry balanced granular type.


Trees need to move to get strong “caliper” but if it moves to much it can tear the roots. Two solutions are: 3 way guy lines or two stakes with the tree tied loosely between.


Soak plants thoroughly and repeatedly immediately after planting to settle the soil and eliminate air pockets. Then use the same schedule of watering as the nursery where you purchased the plant until rooted out. Water as Seldom as possible but use lots of water when you do. Only swamp plants to tolerate wet all the time. Shallow frequent watering causes shallow roots. Water volume depends on the size of the plant. The larger the plant the deeper it can root, which means more water should be applied, but less often.

If you have any questions call Flowerland Nursery at: 541-826-3485