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Outside plants:

True gallon red

Incredible Low Pricing

Whether you're looking for outside plants, bedding plants, or hanging baskets, Flowerland Nursery always has it all at competitive prices. Buying directly from our experienced growers allows you to SAVE money!

Buying well-established plants grown in our local soil makes it easier for your plants to adapt when they are planted.

Get advice from our experienced growers. We've been growing and selling plants since 1978.

Visit Flowerland Nursery to pick out beautiful, hardy plants at affordable prices. Start planning your garden today.



5-true gallon hybrid tree


True gallon black


6 - true gallon


2  true gallon


9 true gallon


2 true gallon squat


13 - 14 gallon


4 true gallon shrub


20 true gallon


5- true gallon conifers


27 true gallon


5-true gallon tree


24-inch box


Bedding plants:

6-pack annual


4-inch green pots


6-pack ground cover and perennial


Sq. 5-inch red pots


4-inch black pots


Sq. 5-inch black pots


4-inch red pots


1.5 gallon


Hanging baskets:

10-inch brown with plastic hanger


12-inch brown basket with metal hanger


10-inch green basket with metal hanger


Color bowls


Plants Plants

Save an additinal 10% of any single day purchase of $300 or more.

*Excludes: •bedding • bare root •balled •burlap


Because customer always pay for warranties and we grow our own plants we choose not to price our plants high enough to offer a warranty. However, if you have any problems with our plants please call us immediately! As we may be able to help you