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40th Annual Fall Plant Sale

All true  1 gallon plants only $7.50

Buying well-established plants grown in our local soil makes it easier for your plants to adapt when they are planted.

Get advice from our experienced growers. We've been growing and selling plants since 1978.

Visit Flowerland Nursery to pick out beautiful, hardy plants at affordable prices. Start planning your garden today.



Choose from:

Boxwood Eunoymus, Escallonia, Waxleaf Privet, Laural, Abelia, Rockrose, Sunrose, Viburnum, Photinia, Heavenly Bamboo, Weigela, Pyracantha, Lavender, Spiraea, Barberry, Grasses, Daylily, Potentilla, Junipers, Berry Vines, Hebe, Flowering Vines, Beautyberry, Arbovita, Pines, Cedars, Spruce, Hydrangea, Hosta, Astilbe, Ferns, Heather, Lydia Broom, Blue Mist Spirea and more

All 4 Gallon Plants only $17.50

Choose from:

Boxwood, Waxleaf Privet, Escallonia, Rockrose, Barberry, Lilac, Laurel, Abelia, Potentilla, Weigela, Hibiscus (Rose of Sharon), Alaska Blue Willow, Blue Mist Spirea, Photinia, Oleander Snowball Bush, Spiraea, Burning Bush and more

True 5 Gallon Conifers only $24.50

Choose from:

Leylandii, Cyprus, other Cyprus, Pines, Cedars, Spruce, and more

True 5 Gallon Trees only $27.50

Choose from listed varieties:

Aspen, Chitalpa, Magnolia, Poplar, Sweet Gum, Willow, Sycamore, Olive, Silk Tree, Wilson, Tulip Tress and more

True 5 Gallon Trees only $33.50

Choose from listed varieties:

All Fruit Trees, Birch, Flowering Pear, Flowering Plum, Locust Grafted Wisteria, Raywood Ash, Redbud, Maple, Sweet Gum Crabapple, Palm Trees and more

Additional items on sale:

Fall Vegetables, Pansies and Mums


Look for our Red Sale signs

Limited to stock on hand sale runs through October 31, 2018 ***

Our Sale starts September 21st, 2018 and runs through October 31st, 2018